21,600 Russian troops killed in war so far: Ukraine

Russia also lost 177 aircraft, 154 helicopters, 854 tanks, says Ukrainian General Staff.

21,600 Russian troops killed in war so far: Ukraine

At least 21,600 Russian soldiers have so far been killed in Ukraine, the Ukrainian military claimed on Saturday. 

In addition, the Ukrainian troops destroyed 854 Russian tanks, 2,205 armored personnel vehicles, 403 artillery systems, 143 multiple launch rocket systems and four short-range ballistic missile (SRBM) systems, the Ukrainian General Staff announced in a statement.

The Ukrainian forces also destroyed 177 aircraft, 154 helicopters, 182 UAVs of operational-tactical level and eight naval vessels, among other weapon systems, the statement added.

At least 2,435 civilians have been killed and 2,946 injured in Ukraine since the war began on Feb. 24, according to UN estimates, with the true figure believed to be much higher.

More than 5.1 million Ukrainians have fled to other countries, with over 7.7 million more internally displaced, said the UN refugee agency.

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