300 Bangladeshi migrant farmers lose belongings to fire in Greece

38 temporary homes, money, passports, clothes burned to ashes in Sunday's blaze, says Bangladesh's Foreign Ministry.

300 Bangladeshi migrant farmers lose belongings to fire in Greece

Over 300 Bangladeshi migrant farmers in Greece lost everything to a devastating fire on Sunday in the country’s Manolada area, Bangladesh's Foreign Ministry said in a statement Tuesday.

The ministry said 38 temporary shelters, locally known as Faranga and home to 300 Bangladeshi migrant farmers, have been completely burned down.

“All necessary items and documents of the migrant workers, including money, passports, clothes and foods, have been burned to ashes,” it added.

The statement, however, noted that “fortunately” the laborers had managed to save their lives from the deadly blaze.

Bangladeshi Ambassador to Greece Ashud Ahmed on Tuesday visited the site and assured the victims of all support, while the migrant laborers demanded new passports and other urgent documents without a fee.

Ahmed requested the local mayor to construct concrete and hygienic homes for the Bangladeshi migrant farmers.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency over the phone, Ahmed said the local unit of Greece’s Fire Service is investigating the incident to determine the causes of the fire.

“During my visit, some workers told me that the fire originated from the blast of a gas cylinder. But after a formal investigation by the concerned fire authority, we will be able to know the specific causes of the blaze,” he added.

On May 20, another wildfire in Greece destroyed a huge area and damaged dozens of houses with experts warning that it will have an adverse impact on the country’s ecology.