6 foreign journalists killed in Ukraine since Russian operation: Press group

Press Emblem Campaign says 3,000 foreign journalists working in Ukraine.

6 foreign journalists killed in Ukraine since Russian operation: Press group

The Geneva-based Press Emblem Campaign (PEC) said Saturday that 3,000 foreign journalists are working in Ukraine but six have been killed, dozens wounded and two kidnapped by Russia since Feb. 24.

The journalists were killed under various circumstances from shrapnel after a rocket attack to a bullet wound, said the global media safety and rights body.

Half of the journalists killed were covering battles near Kyiv and near the city of Irpin.

"Press Emblem Campaign expresses serious concern and condemns the killing of journalists in Ukraine, who have been reporting from the ground after the Russian invasion, and urges all concerned to respect freedom of the press," said PEC's Nava Thakuria.

All victims, including Shakirov Dilerbek Shukurovych, killed Feb. 26 in the Kherson locality; Yevhenii Sakun in Kyiv on March 1; Viktor Dudar in Mykolaiv on March 4; Brent Renaud in Irpin on March 13; Pierre Zakrzewski in Horenka on March 14 and Oleksandra Kurshynova in Horenka on March 14 were "on the ground to report the war" said PEC.

The “kidnapped journalists worked in the country's south, where Russia occupied territories,” said Andrii Ianitskyi, PEC representative in Ukraine.

Need body armor

"The main needs of journalists in Ukraine are body armor and helmets, satellite phones, first aid kits."

He said journalists and media workers also need safety and first aid training for Ukrainian and foreign journalists who travel to Ukraine.

PEC said journalists need shelter in safe regions where they can stop for several days from one location to another.

There is a shortage of local fixers, translators and drivers with cars.

PEC said many journalists in Ukraine are out of work or need part-time jobs to support their families.

All foreign journalists who work in Ukraine must obtain free digital accreditation online at the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine website.

PEC said Russian hackers attacked several Ukrainian media outlets on March 2, 3 and 17.

On March 1, 2, 14 and 16, rocket attacks destroyed TV towers in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Lisichansk, Rivne, Vinnitsa and Korosten.

Russian forces captured television towers in Kherson, Starobelsk, Melitopol and a radio station in Berdyansk, said Ianitskyi.