At UN, India urges early resolution of Ukraine conflict

Top diplomat Subrahmanyam Jaishankar says New Delhi sides with those who respect UN Charter on Ukraine conflict.

At UN, India urges early resolution of Ukraine conflict

India urged an early resolution to the Ukraine war on Saturday, emphasizing “dialogue and diplomacy as the only way out.”

“As the Ukraine conflict continues to rage, we are often asked whose side we are on,” Foreign Minister Subrahmanyam Jaishankar said while addressing the 77th session of the UN General Assembly in New York.

“India is on the side of peace and will remain firmly there. We are on the side that respects the UN Charter and its founding principles,” said Jaishankar.

Russia launched a war against Ukraine in February, resulting in the migration of millions, death, and injury to thousands.

Pointing to escalating costs of food, fuel, and fertilizers, the top diplomat said: “it is therefore in our collective interest to work constructively, both within the UN and outside, in finding an early resolution to this conflict.”

On reforms within the UN, Jaishankar said India believes multipolarity, rebalancing, fair globalization, and reformed multilateralism “cannot be kept in abeyance.”

“The call for reformed multilateralism – with reforms of the (UN) Security Council at its core – enjoys considerable support among UN members,” he said. “It does so because of the widespread recognition that the current architecture is anachronistic and ineffective. It is also perceived as deeply unfair, denying entire continents and regions a voice in a forum that deliberates their future.”

In these turbulent times, Jaishankar said: “it is essential that the world listens to more voices of reason.”

“We believe and advocate that this is not an era of war and conflict. On the contrary, it is a time for development and cooperation,” he added.