Chinese naval carrier strike group sails into Western Pacific

Strike group led by aircraft carrier Liaoning includes 5 destroyers, frigate and supply ship.

Chinese naval carrier strike group sails into Western Pacific

A Chinese navy carrier strike group sailed into the Western Pacific, local media reported Tuesday.

The strike group is being led by the aircraft carrier Liaoning and also includes five destroyers, including a Type 055 Class destroyer – the most powerful such warship in the Chinese navy -- as well as a frigate and a supply ship, according to the South China Morning Post daily.

Drawing attention that the USS Abraham Lincoln carrier strike group is currently deployed in the Philippine Sea, the daily noted that the Chinese and US carrier groups would possibly not be too far away from each other.

The daily also underlined that the move comes just weeks after the Chinese armed forces’ large-scale naval and air force exercises in the East China Sea “in response to the recent frequent false signals released by the US on the Taiwan issue.”

Chinese navy spokesman Gao Xiucheng maintained that the warships were on a routine training mission.

“It is in line with relevant international laws and practices and without targeting any party,” he said.