FBI considered recruiting blogger who was killed in drone attack

A CIA drone strike that killed Anwar Al-Awlaki also killed another US citizen, Samir Khan - the FBI had considered recruiting him as al-Qaeda informant.

FBI considered recruiting blogger who was killed in drone attack

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A CIA drone strike in September 2011 had killed both Dr Anwar al-Awlaki. Another target, aupparently unitneded was an American blogger, Samir Khan who was also killed. Khan was also a US citizen who blogged about jihad and was the founding editor of al-Qaeda's English-language magazine Inspire. Khan, before he could be used by the FBI left the United States in 2009 and had since eluded capture before he could be caught and prosecuted on terrorism charges, according top the report by Jason Loepold from Wice News.  

New revelations claim come from a government investigation into Khan who was tracked by the FBI who considered recruiting him as an informant.

The revelations were detailed in heavily redacted FBI files obtained by VICE News under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)Previous documents revealed that the FBI launched an investigation of Khan in 2006 after the bureau discovered his incendiary blog, Inshallahshaheed, an Arabic phrase that means "Martyr, God willing."

Less than a year later, according to the set of records, the FBI's "primary goal" was to determine if Khan"Is influencing/did influence anyone to commit an act of terror."

Beneath all this, they also tried to determine if Khan was being directed by a highter authorities to influence others in his blog posts.

The file states that, "If the investigation does determine that Khan is influencing or has influenced anyone to commit an act of terror, the FBI will disrupt Khan, either by prosecuting him for [providing material support to terrorism] and [solicitation to commit a crime of violence] or by other means”. Using this would be a tool to prosecute him and if anything, recruit Khan as an informant thereby not disrupting any potential terror plots which he may be involved in, least of all from an intelligence standpoint. 




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