Frontline Ukrainian village waiting for return to normal

Village abandoned by residents destroyed by frequent shelling.

Frontline Ukrainian village waiting for return to normal

Life for Ukrainians living in the front line Shevchenko village has not returned to normalcy even after Kyiv regained access to the region. 

The village located in southern Ukraine, neighboring Russia-annexed Kherson, was overrun by Russian forces in the initial days of the war.

Despite returning to Ukrainian control, the village has turned into a front line with frequent clashes reported.

The village abandoned by most of its residents has been heavily damaged in the ongoing war.

Leonid and Luibov, a couple, are among the few people who stayed back despite the war.

Leonid, who is disabled, said they are trying to repair the windows and doors of their house which were damaged by the shelling.

He said since Aug. 29, when Russian forces retreated after Ukraine's counterattack, the attacks have become sporadic.

"They (Russian forces) used to target us every day, every night. It's not that scary during the day, but when they hit at night, you can't even understand what's happening," he said.

Luibov told Anadolu Agency their house was damaged twice in two weeks.

"They destroyed our home. We are trying to repair it as much as we could, we put the doors and windows. Now we are waiting for winter," she said.

Electricity service has resumed in the village, but residents still have to draw water from the wells, she added.