In phone call, Xi, Biden hold wide-ranging discussion

Chinese, US presidents pledge to have more conversations as bilateral relations affect the wider international community.

In phone call, Xi, Biden hold wide-ranging discussion

In a Friday phone call, the Chinese and US presidents gave reassurances that the world’s top two economies will hold “more candid exchanges and constructive dialogues to avoid misunderstandings, misjudgments, and unexpected conflicts.”

In the call, Xi Jinping argued that the China policy “adopted by the US for some time has caused serious difficulties in Sino-US relations,” said a Chinese Foreign Ministry statement.

“This is not in the fundamental interests of the two peoples and the common interests of all countries in the world,” said the Chinese leader.

This is the second call between the two leaders since Biden was inaugurated this January. The first call was in February.

“The two leaders had a broad, strategic discussion in which they discussed areas where our interests converge, and areas where our interests, values, and perspectives diverge,” said a White House statement about the call.

“They agreed to engage on both sets of issues openly and straightforwardly.”

It added that the conversation “was part of the US’ ongoing effort to responsibly manage the competition between Washington and Beijing.”

China-US bilateral relations affect globe

Xi said Chinese-US bilateral relations will impact “the future and destiny of the world.”

“Sino-US cooperation will benefit both countries and the world; Sino-US confrontation will bring disasters to both countries and the world,” he warned.

Biden said the White House, “underscored the US’ enduring interest in peace, stability, and prosperity in the Indo-Pacific and the world.”

“The two leaders discussed the responsibility of both nations to ensure competition does not veer into conflict,” it added.

At a time when the international community is facing many common problems, said Xi, “China and the US should show the big picture, shoulder great responsibilities, insist on looking forward, move forward, show strategic and political courage, and push Sino-US relations back to the right track of stable development as soon as possible.”

Xi urged the two sides to respect each other’s core concerns and “properly manage the differences.”

According to China, on the subject of Taiwan, Biden said: “The US has never intended to change the one-China policy.”

“The two countries have no interest in letting competition veer into conflict,” said Biden, according to the Chinese side.