Kremlin says 'just, long-term peace' should be outcome of war in Ukraine

Spokesman Peskov agrees with US Secretary of State Blinken that situation would likely settle through negotiations.

Kremlin says 'just, long-term peace' should be outcome of war in Ukraine

"A just, long-term peace" should be the outcome of the war in Ukraine, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Tuesday.

Commenting on recent remarks by US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, Peskov, in a press briefing in Moscow, agreed that the situation in Ukraine will most probably be settled through negotiations.

"The fact that the outcome of what is happening should be a just, long-term peace, we can agree with this. But as for the prospects of any negotiations, we do not see them at the moment," he said.

"At some point this will end and it will end almost certainly with diplomacy, with a negotiation. But what I think we have to see is a just and durable peace, not a phony peace," Blinken told the WSJ CEO Council Summit in Washington on Monday.

Last week, US President Joe Biden said he was willing to talk with Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin if there was a sincere interest to end the conflict in Ukraine, which started in February.

But Russia ruled out demands that it should pull out completely from Ukraine as part of any future talks to end its "special military operation."

About drone attacks on Russia's military airfields, which, according to the Defense Ministry, left three people killed, Peskov said: "The line openly declared by the Ukrainian regime to continue such terrorist acts (on the territory of Russia) is dangerous. Of course, it is taken into account, and the necessary measures are taken."

Peskov urged to follow only official information regarding Russia's partial military mobilization, and do not trust reports on social media predicting a new call-up for reservists.

Partial mobilization in Russia, which began on Sept. 21, ended in October, with 300,000 volunteers being called up.