Over 100 tombs of Huns found in northern China

Excavation efforts locate a total of 120 tombs containing historical items left by Huns.

Over 100 tombs of Huns found in northern China

A total of 120 tombs belonging to Xiongnu people, an alliance of nomadic tribes also known as Huns, were found in northern China, local media reported on Friday.

Archaeologists found the tombs in north China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, and the age of the ruins is yet to be determined, according to Xinhua news agency.

Eight of the tombs have been excavated and many historical items such as wooden coffins, iron knives, pottery pots were found.

According to the news agency, archeologists discovered a total of 83 pieces of iron flowers shaped like persimmon calyx in one of the tombs damaged by tomb raiders.

The Huns date back to the third century BC and left their mark on both Chinese and world history.