Putin calls on Russia's neighbors to normalize ties

Russian leader says Moscow has no ill will against neighbors, calls for cooperation, development of ties.

Putin calls on Russia's neighbors to normalize ties

Russian President Vladimir Putin called on neighboring countries to cooperate, as well as to normalize and develop relations. 

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the first Russian ferryboat line to connect the exclave of Kaliningrad with the rest of the country, Putin said Moscow harbors no ill will towards its neighbors and that its actions are taken solely "in response" to external "unfriendly" behavior.

"We've always said that we don't have any -- I'd like to stress -- any bad intentions towards our neighbors. And, I would also advise them (neighbors) not to aggravate the situation. Do not impose any restrictions.

"We fulfill all our obligations and will fulfill further. There is no need to aggravate situation or worsen our relations. All our actions, if they take place, our actions are taken exclusively in response to some kind of unfriendly actions toward the Russian Federation," he said.

Putin added that all sides must "think about normalizing relations and cooperate and to develop relations normally" with Russia.

Without passing through neighboring nations, Russia's Kaliningrad exclave is only accessible to the rest of the country via the Baltic Sea, to which it has a coast.

Kaliningrad is situated between Poland and Lithuania, separated from Russia by the Baltic States on land, while a ban on Russian aviation through Europe's airspace limits air transportation to the region.

Güncelleme Tarihi: 04 Mart 2022, 20:57