Putin stresses BRICS' growing weight, influence in global arena

Russian president says 5 states cooperation can solve global economic crisis caused by 'ill-considered, selfish actions of some states'.

Putin stresses BRICS' growing weight, influence in global arena

The weight and influence of the BRICS association on the world arena have been growing each passing year, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday. 

Speaking at the 14th BRICS summit via video conference, Putin said the five countries, Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, have enormous political, economic, scientific, technological, and human potential.

"We really have all the opportunities for effective joint work aimed at ensuring international stability and security, sustainable growth and prosperity, and improving the well-being of the population," he noted.

The complexity and transnational nature of the international challenges and threats require collective responses with the active participation of BRICS, Putin added.

"We have repeatedly said that only together can we solve such tasks as conflict resolution, the fight against terrorism, organized crime, including the criminal use of new technologies, countering climate change, and the spread of dangerous infections," he said.

Putin emphasized that only honest and mutually beneficial cooperation can bring solutions to the global economic problem caused by the "ill-considered, selfish actions of some states."

"We are convinced that the leadership of the BRICS countries in developing a unifying, positive course towards the formation of a truly multipolar system of interstate relations based on universally recognized norms of international law and the key principles of the UN Charter is in demand now more than ever.

"At the same time, we can count on the support of many Asian, African, and the Latin American States seeking to pursue an independent policy," he said.

Russia, for its part, is ready to further develop close multifaceted cooperation with all partners in BRICS and contribute to increasing its role in international affairs.​​​​​​​