Russia awaits Ukraine's response to 3rd round of talks

Foreign Minister Lavrov accuses Ukrainian authorities of delaying peace talks.

Russia awaits Ukraine's response to 3rd round of talks

Moscow expects a response from Ukraine's peace talk negotiators regarding the resumption of talks, the Russian foreign minister said on Saturday.

Speaking at a news conference in Moscow, Sergey Lavrov accused Kyiv of delaying the third round of negotiations.

"It would seem that the most interested party is the Ukrainian one, but it is constantly coming up with some excuses to postpone the start of the next meeting, (and) they keep delaying the agreed deadlines," he said.

Russia, for its part, has been ready, "as Ukrainian colleagues are well aware," to move forward with the third round since yesterday evening, he added.

The Russia-Ukraine war began on Feb. 24 and has been met by outrage from the international community, with the EU, UK, and US implementing a range of economic sanctions on Russia.

Güncelleme Tarihi: 06 Mart 2022, 18:53