Russia detains US citizen over charges of drug smuggling

Interior Ministry accuses former US Embassy employee of attempting to sell marijuana to students.

Russia detains US citizen over charges of drug smuggling

A US citizen was arrested in Moscow on Thursday on charges of drugs smuggling, the Russian Interior Ministry said.

Mark Fogel, a former employee of the US Embassy in Moscow and currently working as a schoolteacher, was allegedly going to sell marijuana and hashish oil to his students, the ministry said.

The investigation opened a criminal case on account of smuggling and illegal acquisition, storage, transportation, manufacture and processing of drugs.

Since the suspect could have escaped, the Khimki city court put him under arrest, the ministry claimed.

After the criminal case was opened, police searched the suspect's apartment but his wife "got rid of the evidence."

“As can be seen on the surveillance camera recordings, the woman takes out a package from the house and throws it into the trash can. Later, she picks it up, puts it in a bag, and takes it outside the residential complex,” the statement said.

According to the ministry, Fogel and his wife arrived in Moscow from New York last summer. They were detained while passing the "green corridor" at the Sheremetyevo airport because the service dogs reacted. During a search, marijuana and hashish oil were found in their luggage.

Fogel and his wife had diplomatic immunity till May 2021. According to one version of the investigation, he could have used it to organize a channel for the supply of drugs to Russia for the purpose of subsequent sale among the students of the school where he taught.

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