Survivor of Syrian regime prisons recounts ordeal

Ex-prisoner recalls physical, psychological abuse, loss of her husband, who was tortured to death

Survivor of Syrian regime prisons recounts ordeal

A former inmate of Syrian regime prisons recounted the torture and abuse she faced during her detention.

Speaking exclusively to Anadolu Agency, Lula Halilaga -- a pseudonym to protect her identity -- recalled the torture and sexual violence she had to endure during her three years of incarceration.

Her ordeal began in 2013 with a knock on her door by regime soldiers while she was breastfeeding her baby.

It was the first time that Halilaga, a mother of three, was arrested and forced to leave her children behind. She was released shortly after, only to discover that her husband had also been detained.

Halilaga was later arrested in Aleppo, where she was transferred to Adra prison in Damascus after being moved among several detention centers.

During her three years behind bars, Halilaga said the regime soldiers tortured her on a daily basis using various methods, both physical and psychological.

"We were tortured for many hours in [Adra] prison every day. They were hanging us on hangers and would beat us with wet sticks," she said.

"They would beat us until we passed out and would torture us with electric shocks. Then they would take us to our cells and wait until we regained consciousness. This continued on a daily basis.”