Turkey's e-government development scores high

United Nations 2018 survey shows Turkey ranks 53 of 193 countries, up from 68th place in 2016

Turkey's e-government development scores high

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Turkey showed a high ­level of e-government development performance and ranked 53rd in the world, according to the United Nations this week.

The UN E-Government Survey 2018 showed that the country's place in the e-government development index (EGDI) -- which measures the use of information and communications technologies to deliver public services -- climbed 15 spots from the 68th place in 2016.

The EDGI value can be between 0 (lowest) and 1 (highest), as it is "a weighted average of normalized scores on the three most important dimensions of e-government".

"The scope and quality of online services as indicated by the online service index (OSI), the status of the development of telecommunication infrastructure rated through the telecommunication infrastructure index (TII) and the inherent human capital scored through the human capital index (HCI)."

According to the UN data, Turkey's EGDI value was 0.7112 this year, while the figure was 0.5900 two years ago. Regarding the sub-items, the country got 0.8889 score in the OSI, 0.4298 in the TII, and 0.8148 in the HCI this year.

Turkey's Transport and Infrastructure Minister Mehmet Cahit Turhan told Anadolu Agency that over the past 18 months many studies have been carried out to determine the digital services in line with the bureaucracy reduction plan.

"In this process, more than 1,600 services were integrated to e-government," Turhan said, adding: "We are accelerating our efforts to offer all digital services until the end of this year."

Güncelleme Tarihi: 22 Temmuz 2018, 14:27