Turkish aid group opens over 6,700 water wells globally

Humanitarian Relief Foundation has provided water to over 3M people across 36 countries

Turkish aid group opens over 6,700 water wells globally

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Turkey's Humanitarian Relief Foundation (IHH) has so far opened 6,747 water wells in 36 countries under the scope of its 18-year-long project.

In a statement released to mark World Water Day, the IHH said it was continuing its efforts to ensure that millions of people suffering from water scarcity across the world get access to clean water that meets all their needs.

The project, which was initiated in the year 2000, continues until today across the continents of Africa, Asia and Middle East where 3,373,000 people meet their water needs via such water wells.

According to a UN report prepared in 2017 together with the UNICEF, 2.1 billion people worldwide remain unable to access clean water; there is no clean water in the houses of each three people out of 10 in the world.

Each year, 502,000 people lose their lives due to diarrheal illness caused by the use of polluted water and insufficient sanitation, the report said.

Also, 4.5 billion people lack sanitation and hygiene services, it added.

With the water wells IHH establishes, locals not only have access to clean and drinkable water but also are able to use the water for their agricultural activities and generate income.

The water wells, which are an important factor in preventing food and water scarcity, also create a bridge between the hearts of locals and donors of the wells.

The water wells have been named after donors; in fact, majority of the wells have been named after martyrs of July 15, 2016, defeated coup and Operation Olive Branch.

Among the countries where IHH has established water wells are: Ethiopia, Somalia, Niger, Sudan, Cameroon, Kenya, India, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Palestine, Iraq and Lebanon.


Güncelleme Tarihi: 22 Mart 2018, 15:27