Turkish Cyprus ready to participate in talks with constructive manner

Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus says constructive proposal for two-state solution still on table.

Turkish Cyprus ready to participate in talks with constructive manner

The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) is ready to present a constructive attitude in talks that are likely to start to affirm equal sovereignty of the island, the country's Foreign Ministry said Tuesday.

The ministry said in a statement that EU countries once again proved their partiality on the Cyprus issue.

It said the joint statement released after an EU Med7 summit in Athens on June 11 did not reflect the political and judicial realities on the island.

The Med7 is a pact of seven Mediterranean and EU states, namely Cyprus, France, Greece, Italy, Malta, Portugal, and Spain.

The ministry said the Greek side has failed all past federal solution processes to maintain the status quo that emerged with the demolition of the 1960 Associated Republic by arms.

“In the unofficial 5+UN meeting, the Turkish side of Cyprus stated its creative ideas outside the box which reflects the realities of the Island in line with the call of UN Secretary General,” the statement said. “[The TRNC] has shown that it is ready to negotiate the formation of cooperation on the basis of sovereign equalities of the two countries and their equal international status.”

The ministry underlined that the suggestions by the TRNC, “which is the joint owner of the Island and its natural resources,” offer constructive proposals for cooperation with a win-win understanding in the Eastern Mediterranean and the proposals are still on the table.

EU countries support the Greek Cyprus’ maximalist approach by signing the Med7 statement, it remarked.

It further noted that countries neglect the legal rights and interests of the TRNC and Turkey, and prevent the establishment of stability and prosperity in the region through provocative activities.