Turkish PM calls for global action against counterfeiting, piracy

Prime Minister Erdogan addressed an international meeting on the fight against counterfeiting and piracy.

Turkish PM calls for global action against counterfeiting, piracy

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Turkish prime minister on Wednesday appealed for concerted action in combatting counterfeiting and piracy, saying that the solution of the problem needed a joint global stance.

"Counterfeiting and piracy without a doubt are global problems and the solutions to these problems require global solidarity," Recep Tayyip Erdogan told the Seventh Global Congress on Combating Counterfeiting and Piracy held in Istanbul.

Erdogan said Turkey was engaged in close international cooperation, adding that his country exerted strong efforts to maximize security in its customs as well as follow and align with international laws on the issue.

"However, no single country can tackle such problems on its own. As much as economic and legal dimensions of the issue, the social dimension needs equal attention. The global system should combat strongly against circumstances that lead to theft with the same determination it fought against theft and thieves, which requires struggle against poverty, injustice and unfair distribution of income," Erdogan said.

Erdogan said Turkey's rugged east and southeast made border and customs control difficult for the country, adding that smuggling had acquired a huge role in instability, political turmoil and in the funding of terrorist acts which had left tens of thousands of people dead.

"For years, terrorism has preyed on smuggling and it has become the biggest supporter of drug and human trafficking, money laundering as well as counterfeiting and piracy, all of which have reached to Europe and to the United States. But now there is a widespread hope that a new era has begun in Turkey for an end to terrorism and for peace, democratic rights and respect and tolerance. When terrorism ends, more efficient struggle will be possible against smuggling, counterfeiting and piracy, and most importantly against illicit drugs and human trafficking as well as money laundering," Erdogan said. 

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