Turks abroad celebrate Erdogan's victory - PHOTO

Turks in countries -- including Belgium, Germany, UK, Azerbaijan, Bosnia, Pakistan -- celebrate election results

Turks abroad celebrate Erdogan's victory - PHOTO

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Turks abroad on Sunday night flocked to streets after Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s presidential election success.

In Belgium's capital Brussels, Turks celebrated Erdogan’s success in Turkish-populated neighborhoods such as Chausee and Haecht streets.

Members of Union of International Democrats, formerly known as Union of European Turkish Democrats, took part in the celebrations.


- Germany

Turkish citizens in Germany also showed their enthusiasm and gathered on one of capital Berlin's busiest street Kudamm.

They were chanting slogans such as "Turkey is the best" and "Recep Tayyip Erdogan".

Also gathering at Kerpen town near Cologne city, supporters of AK Party celebrated the victory.

In Berlin's Schoneberg district, Turkish citizens gathered around AK Party's election monitoring center and followed the outcome of the elections there. Later, they gathered on Kurfurstendamm street to celebrate the results.


- Austria

Turks also celebrated Erdogan's victory in Austrian capital Vienna.

The Turkish citizens filled a conference hall to follow the election and started celebrating once Turkey’s Supreme Election Council lifted the ban on publishing election results after polling ends.

They were waving Turkish flags and singing songs to celebrate Erdogan and his party’s victory.


- Sweden

AKParty’s supporters in Sweden followed the elections in party's Stockholm Election Coordination Center.

Waving flags of Turkey, AK Party and Nationalist Movement Party (MHP), Turkish citizens went to their country’s embassy building in Stockholm to celebrate Erdogan’s victory.

During celebrations, Ambassador Emre Yunt joined Turks and spoke to Anadolu Agency, wishing well to the country in Erdogan’s next term.

Also, AK Party's Election Coordination Center head Ozer Eken said democracy is the winner of the elections.

Thanking his team and supporters, Eken said AK Party worked in Sweden to increase the voter turnout.


- United Kingdom

More than 200 Turks celebrated in the streets of London following the release of unofficial election results that showed President Recep Tayyip Erdogan success.

Supporters in London’s Hyde Park chanted slogans in support of Erdogan and his AK Party. They also danced and sang Turkish songs.

Members of the Union of International Democrats and the Newcastle-based Fikri Asim Association, two organizations representing Turks in the U.K. and Europe, also joined the celebrations.


- Azerbaijan

In Azerbaijan, Turkish citizens gathered near their country’s embassy in Baku. Following the announcement of the unofficial results, they flocked to Ataturk Park.

Chanting Turkish National Anthem in front of a monument in the park, people waved flags of Turkey, AK Party and MHP.

Later, the AK Party and MHP supporters toured the city streets.


- Bosnia and Herzegovina

The election success of Erdogan was also celebrated with enthusiasm in Bosnia Herzegovina's capital Sarajevo.

Hundreds of people -- including Bosnians, Palestinians, and Ghanaians, as well as Turks living in Sarajevo -- gathered in historic Bascarsija district after they had a city tour in their vehicles.

Those carrying the Turkish and Bosnian flags celebrated Erdogan's electoral success by chanting slogans.


- Pakistan

The Turks and Pakistanis, who gathered in the G-6 sector of capital Islamabad, toured the city in a convoy.

Citizens taking victory tour around the city with Turkish and Pakistani flag, met in front the Faisal Mosque, which is one of the symbols of the city, and chanted pro-Turkey and pro-Erdogan slogans.

The convoy of 25 cars and 10 motorcycles was accompanied by the Pakistani police and hailed by the passers-by.


- Sudan

After the election results, the Turks living in Sudan made a convoy to celebrate the victory in the streets of the capital Khartoum, where the Sudanese also showed support.

The crowd gathering in front of Turkey's embassy building chanted slogans in favour of Erdogan.


- Macedonia

A large number of people residing in Skopje gathered in front of the Murat Pasha Mosque in the Old Turkish Bazaar, which was adorned with Turkish flags and Erdogan’s posters, to celebrate the election results.

The tradesmen of the bazaar served Turkish dessert baklava to hundreds of people, including Turks, Albanians and Bosnians who attended the victory celebrations.

People also celebrate the victory in northwestern city of Gostivar.


- Kosovo

Hundreds of citizens in Prizren city of Kosovo flocked to the streets, chanting slogans "Kosovo is proud of you", and "Don't bend, Kosovo is with you.”

The citizens carrying posters of Erdogan and flags of Albania, Kosovo and Turkey toured the city.


- Albania

In the capital city of Tirana, the citizens holding flags of Turkey and Albania celebrated the outcome of the elections.

The students studying in Turkey also attended the celebration and expressed support for President Erdogan.


- Netherlands

Turkish citizens living in the Dutch city of Rotterdam gathered in front of the Consulate General of Turkey with Turkish flags and celebrated Erdogan’s victory.


- France

Turkish citizens living in France came together at associations and work places and followed the results.

With the announcement of the first results in the city of Strasbourg, the citizens in long convoys met in front of the European Parliament (EP) after a joyful city tour.

Celebrations also took place in the cities of Paris, Lyon, Mulhouse, Marseille, Bordeaux, Toulouse and Lille.


- Qatar

A Qatari national served dessert to mark the victory of Erdogan in capital Doha's one of the touristic spots Souq Waqif.


- Lebanon

Hundreds of Turkish and Lebanese citizens celebrated Erdogan's success with a convoy of hundreds vehicles in Lebanon's Tripoli and Nabatieh cities.

In Beirut, a large number of people gathered at a cafe in the west of the city and followed the election results.

- China

China’s official Xinhua news agency said the “decisive victory in the critical elections was Erdogan’s” adding that he won more votes in the first round of election than what was predicted by public polls. The news agency reported 60 million citizens cast their votes.

State-run Global Times shared election results in a story titled: “Turkey's Erdogan, his alliance win presidential, parliamentary elections”

- Japan

Japan's Kyodo News Agency reported “Recep Tayyip Erdogan claims victory in Turkey presidential election”, stating that Erdogan had remained in power since 2003.

It added that the ruling alliance won a majority in the parliament. NHK, Japan’s national broadcaster, said Erdogan’s re-election was likely to affect the region.

- Indonesia

Indonesia’s national news agency Antara said Erdogan won a high number of votes. The local Kompas news website said Erdogan declared victory with more than 50 percent of the votes, securing the next five years as president.

- Thailand

The Bangkok Post stated Erdogan won a double victory, adding that Turkey voted in the presidential and parliamentary elections on the same day for the first time.

- Malaysia

The Star newspaper said Erdogan won a majority in the elections with more than half of the votes. - Singapore The Strait Times newspaper said “Erdogan won the second term in presidency”.

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