Ukraine calls on EU for 'immediate accession'

President Zelenskyy also urges Russian troops to drop weapons and leave.

Ukraine calls on EU for 'immediate accession'

Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelenskyy on Monday called on the EU for Ukraine's "immediate accession" to the bloc.

Zelenskyy stressed that Ukraine deserves to be an EU member, saying he believes that this will be possible.

"We call on the European Union for the immediate accession of Ukraine under a new special procedure," Zelenskyy said during his address to the nation.

He also urged Russian soldiers attacking his country to drop weapons and save their lives.

"Drop your weapons and go. Don't believe (what) your commanders, your propagandists (say). Just save your lives," Zelenskyy said.

The president added that Ukraine will release prisoners with war experience to fight in hot spots of war with Russia, and so that they can also make up for their crimes.

Russia’s attack on Ukraine has entered its fifth day after Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the military intervention last Thursday, days after recognizing two separatist-held enclaves in eastern Ukraine.

The intervention was met by an outcry from the international community, with the EU, UK, and US implementing a range of economic sanctions against the Kremlin.

Russia has been further isolated as its airlines have been banned from traveling in European airspace as well as Canadian airspace and a number of its banks have been kicked out of the SWIFT international banking system.