Ukraine claims it repelled 5 major attacks by Russian troops in Luhansk

Kyiv also claims 45,400 Russian soldiers killed since start of war in late February.

Ukraine claims it repelled 5 major attacks by Russian troops in Luhansk

Ukraine on Monday claimed that it repelled five major Russian attacks in the country’s Luhansk region last night, local media reported.

Citing military sources, the Ukrainska Pravda website said the war between Ukraine and Russia continued in six directions.

In the Donetsk region, two civilians lost their lives and 19 detached houses, a school building and a mill were damaged as a result of the attacks.

It was also reported that the Russian troops advancing in the direction of Mykolaiv gained partial success in the Blahodat region.

According to a statement by the Ukrainian General Staff, Russian troops carried out artillery attacks on two settlements in the Sumi region and targeted two settlements in the Kharkiv direction with tanks and missiles over the last 24 hours.

Russian attacks continued in the directions of Bakhmut and Kramotrsk, it said, adding that the Russian troops’ attempt to seize some settlements in the directions of Slavyansk, Avdiivka, Zaporizhzhia failed.

According to another statement by the Ukrainian General Staff, more than 200 Russian soldiers were killed over the last 24 hours.

Thus, the total number of Russian soldiers who killed since the beginning of the war has reached 45,400, the statement claimed.

It added that some 234 aircraft, 198 helicopters, 1,919 tanks, 4,230 armored vehicles, 266 multiple launch rocket systems, 145 anti-aircraft warfare systems and 815 unmanned aerial vehicles belonging to Russia have so far been destroyed.

Russia has not verified the Ukrainian claims

Meanwhile, citing Commander-in-Chief of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Valerii Zaluzhnyi, the Ukrinform news agency reported that nearly 9,000 "heroes" lost their live in action against Russian attacks.

Zaluzhnyi, however, did not specify whether the figure refers only to the service members of the armed forces or also to other formations, and what period it covers, the agency highlighted.