Ukraine’s war should not spread to other countries: Zelenskyy

Ukraine’s president calls 1st summit of European Political Community opportunity to restore peace.

Ukraine’s war should not spread to other countries: Zelenskyy

The war should be fought in Ukraine so that it would not spread to other countries, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said on Thursday at the first summit of the European Political Community, according to an EU official.

Leaders from 44 countries – the 27 EU members and 17 European countries, including Türkiye, the UK, Serbia, and Ukraine – have participated at the first meeting of the European Political Community in the Czech capital, Prague.

Zelenskyy, who could only address his counterparts by video link, called the summit an opportunity to restore peace in Europe and urged them to become leaders of peace, an EU official, speaking only on condition of anonymity, told Brussels-based journalists.

The president underlined that Ukraine never wanted to fight a war but now it is forced to deal with Russia, which refuses peace and wants to redraw the European borders, the source said.

Zelenskyy said that Ukraine is the first battlefield, but accused Russia of killing people in Europe too, as well as blackmailing with food prices and nuclear threats to break the unity in the continent.

He also stressed that the war should be won in Ukraine so that it would not hit other countries, the EU official said.

The Ukrainian leader also urged to set up an international tribunal to bring justice for war crimes and to make Russia pay a war reparation.

The summit is hosted by the Czech government, which holds the rotating presidency of the Council of the European Union.

During the summit, all leaders participate together at an opening session and closing dinner, and take part in smaller groups in roundtable discussions on various topics, such as security stability, energy, climate, mobility, and economy.

The heads of state and government also hold bilateral talks on the margins of the event.