Ukrainians still underground with fear of Russian airstrikes in capital Kyiv

Some 50 Ukrainians, mostly women, children, take shelter at Dorohozhychi station in capital Kyiv.

Ukrainians still underground with fear of Russian airstrikes in capital Kyiv

Some families in the capital Kyiv are still in shelters at metro stations and cannot go back to their homes since Feb. 24 due to the fear of Russian airstrikes.

Since the beginning of Russian airstrikes in Kyiv, thousands of Ukrainians have taken shelter at the metro station.

Even though the number of airstrikes decreased and the evacuation began, some families kept seeking shelter underground.

Footages by the Anadolu Agency team in the field showed difficult conditions in the Dorohozhychi station that families face.

Some 50 Ukrainians, mostly women and children, stay at the Dorohozhychi station, which sets another example of the difficult situation for the families.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency reporter, Taria Blazhevych, whose husband is fighting against Russia, came to the metro station with her two children after the start of the attacks.

Saying that they have been staying there for more than two weeks, she stated that they need a safer place.

"I'm here because I'm afraid to be in my home because it's dangerous. On the second day of the war, we woke up and saw a (war) plane near our house," she added.

Mentioning that these stations are the safest places to take shelter in the capital, she noted that her mother also faces difficulties as she has cancer and needs chemotherapy.

"It feels normal for children to be here because they don't understand what war is. In the evenings, all children here gather and play together. They laugh," added Blazhevych.

Saying that the tent does not protect them from the cold weather, she stated that they got sick twice since they started to live underground.

Since Russia launched its war on Ukraine, more than 2.69 million people have fled to other countries, according to UN estimates.

At least 596 civilians have also been killed and 1,067 injured in Ukraine, it said.

While the European Union, the US and others have imposed sanctions on Moscow, many companies and global brands have also suspended operations in Russia.