US raising risk of Ukraine-like tragedy in Indo-Pacific, warns China

Chinese foreign minister accuses Washington of creating regional tension, inciting antagonism, confrontation.

US raising risk of Ukraine-like tragedy in Indo-Pacific, warns China

The US’ actions in the Indo-Pacific increase the risk of something like the Ukraine crisis happening in the region, according to China’s foreign minister.

“The US tries to create regional tension and incite antagonism and confrontation by pushing ahead with the ‘Indo-Pacific Strategy’,” Wang Yi said in a phone call with his Vietnamese counterpart Bui Thanh Son on Thursday.

He said Washington’s moves “will seriously damage the hard-won peace and development in the region and seriously erode the ASEAN-centered regional cooperation architecture,” read a Foreign Ministry statement.

“We can’t let the Cold War mentality resurge in the region and the tragedy of Ukraine be repeated around us,” Wang asserted.

He said the Ukraine crisis also illustrated the pitfalls of bloc politics, making “Asian countries realize that maintaining peace and stability is precious and indulging in bloc confrontation will lead to endless risks.”

China will play an active role to ensure peace and stability in the region and cope with the spillover effects of the Ukraine crisis, he added.

On the Ukraine issue, Son said Vietnam “shares many similarities with China in its position,” read the statement.

He said Vietnam wants both sides to “abide by the UN Charter and international law, and seek a long-term solution to differences on the basis of respecting the lawful rights and interests of all parties.”