US ready to support, UN condemns Iraq kidnappings

US Vice president called Turkish PM on phone, saying Washington ready to support Turkey for return of its citizens

US ready to support, UN condemns Iraq kidnappings

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The United States is prepared to support Turkey’s efforts to bring about the safe return of its citizens, said Vice President Joe Biden Wednesday, calling Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan. 

In a statement released by the White House it was stated that Biden spoke with Turkish PM Erdogan regarding from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) stormed the Turkish consulate in the Iraqi city of Mosul, kidnapping 49 cosulate staff members including the consul-general and family members. 

 The statement underscored the United States condemned the actions taken by ISIL, adding that U.S. would call for the safe and immediate return of the Turkish personnel and family members.

Biden also urged the Iraqi national and Kurdish security forces to work together to combat the ISIL threat.

 "The Vice President told Prime Minister Erdogan that the United States is prepared to support Turkey’s efforts to bring about the safe return of its citizens and will stay in close touch with the Turkish and Iraqi governments regarding a resolution to the security situation,"the statement said.  

White House spokesman Josh Earnest also condemned the kidnapping in Mosul -- Iraq's second-largest city -- and termed it as "despicable" in the daily briefing.

"The deterioration in security is rapidly becoming a humanitarian issue and requires a coordinated response by Iraqi leaders from across the country to halt the advances ISIL," said Earnest.

Security Council condemns

UN Security Council on Wednesday strongly denounced the abduction of Turkish consulate staff members by the militant group Islamic State of Iraq and Levant -- or ISIL -- in Iraq’s Mosul province.

 The council also deplored in the strongest terms violence and terrorist actions in Mosul -- condemning unanimously the militant group for their attacks against Iraqi security personnel and civilians.

Council also reminded all UN member states of their obligation to implement and enforce financial sanctions, arms embargo and travel ban imposed on ISIL and associated groups as well as individuals.

The incident comes a day after the ISIL took control of the city and seized 31 Turkish truck drivers who were transporting fuel to a thermal power plant.


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