World displays Turkish flag colors in solidarity

Countries pay tribute by lighting up buildings or monuments in Turkish colors in spontaneous response

World displays Turkish flag colors in solidarity

World Bulletin / News Desk

Some of the world's best-known landmarks were illuminated with the colors of the Turkish national flag to honor the victims of Tuesday's extremist attack on Ataturk International Airport.

The Eiffel Tower in Paris, Berlin's famous Brandenburg Gate, Kuwait Towers, and historic Mostar bridge in Bosnia turned red and white in a show of international solidarity with Turkey against the hideous suicide bombings which struck Istanbul's largest airport.

In addition to the landmarks lighting up with the colors of the Turkish flag, red carnations and notes were placed in front of Turkish embassies in Moscow and Baku to show solidarity with the Turkish government and people.

The colors of the Turkish flag were also projected on some buildings in Amsterdam, The Arts Centre of Melbourne, the Sky Tower in Auckland and New Zealand and Mexico's Foreign Affairs building in Mexico City in tribute to the victims.

Politicans around the world have denounced the triple suicide bombing at Istanbul's main airport. Frank-Walter Steinmeier,Germany's Foreign Minister, said his country stands by Turkey and Germany grieves for the victims . Jean-Marc Ayrault, France's foreign minister, condemned the attack as "cowardly." Afghan President Ashraf Ghani said he was saddened by the extrem attack. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-mooncalled for the perpetrators to be identified and brought to justice.

Three suicide bombers said to be linked to ISIL opened fire on the crowd at the international terminal before blowing themselves up at Ataturk airport. The attack has claimed 42 lives and injured more than 230.

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